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Library/Computer Lab

The Plymouth Elementary School Library is a stimulating place where students can acquire  knowledge and gain insight; an inviting place where children love to visit and can seek respite from a demanding day; a magical place where they can hear stories, open books and open their minds for a better tomorrow. 
Plymouth School Library serves just over 400 students from Kindergarten through 5th grade. The library is home to over 14,000 books, 120,000+ AR quizzes and 400 educational and literature-based videos and dvd's.
Plymouth School has a Computer Lab with 32 computers, 4 printers and 2 large wall monitors. Kindergarten through 5th grades are scheduled for Library/Computer Lab once a week with sign-up available for internet research.
The goals of Plymouth School Media Center are to foster the love of reading, teach information literacy, enhance curriculum instruction and provide a wide range of quality children"s literature. We encourage students to continue learning throughout their lives and we help them acquire the necessary strategies and skills to do so.'


When sharing a book with your child, read in short stretches, pausing often to talk about the pictures. Have your child turn the pages and point to the  pictures and familiar words. Be sure to re-read favorite stories or parts of the story.
There is no right way or wrong way to share books with children. Find time to read with your child and pass on the legacy of literacy. Visit your local Library often. Let your child see you reading. Create a reading routine. Keep books where children can reach them. Take books with you everywhere. Choose and read books together with your child. Ask questions about the story.