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Mandarin Dual Immersion

Mandarin Dual Immersion at Plymouth Elementary
Plymouth Begins 4th Year Offering the Mandarin Dual Immersion Program
Vision: To provide a rich linguistic and cultural experience for our students that will prepare them to be successful in an increasingly global society.  Students will learn to read, write, and communicate in both Mandarin and English, and achieve high levels of academic success.  Students in the Mandarin Dual Immersion program will participate in a unique multilingual and multicultural educational experience that will provide them with substantial advantages in both their educational and professional careers.
Some of the Benefits of Mandarin Dual Immersion
  • Strengthens cognitive skills
  • Enhances critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving
  • Students in Dual Immersion are more likely to achieve at higher levels
  • Untold opportunities in education and professional careers
Why Choose Mandarin?
  • Mandarin is one of the fastest growing languages in the world
  • China's economy and global influence is among the largest in the world
  • More and more companies and organizations are seeking to hire people who are fluent in both Mandarin and English
Details About Our Mandarin Dual Immersion Program:
  • We offer a 50-50 model: 50% of the instruction is provided in English, and 50% in Mandarin
  • We teach the "simplified" model of Mandarin, which is most commonly used in the global marketplace
  • Parents do not need to speak Mandarin in order to help their child.  Our program is designed so that all students can successfully acquire the Mandarin language, whether or not Mandarin is spoken in the home.