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Bus Rules

Bus Rules

In order to maintain our current level of excellent service, we must provide a safe and professional atmosphere on our buses at all times. We need your help and support to make it happen. The following guidelines are excerpts from of our transportation handbook.
If you would like a copy of the entire transportation handbook please contact your Lead Driver Maria Barnes @ 626 471 2913.

Bus rider eligibility is established as follows: 

  1. TK - 5th grade & 6-8 grade students bus stop MUST be 1 1/2 miles from their school site.
  2. Students will be returned to the same stops from which they were picked up.
  3. Only students who are eligible for transportation may ride the bus. Eligible riders may not let ineligible riders such as friends or relatives ride along with them.
  4. Students are to arrive at bus stops five (5) minutes prior to the pick up time, but NOT MORE than ten (10) minutes prior, and be on the on the appropriate side of the street prior to the bus arrival. You must remain on the sidewalk, off the neighbors grass or property, in an orderly manner.
  5. Any student kept after school, or who misses their bus home, will not be transported home by the Transportation Department. In some cases, pupils may be allowed to go home on the next bus at that school if there is room.
  6. Any student, who becomes a discipline problem or endangers the safe operation of the bus, will receive a disciplinary citation from the bus driver, AFTER THE FIRST CITATION IS GIVEN, DEPENDING ON THE SEVERITY OF THE INCIDENT. Discipline problems CAN result in LOSS of bus transportation privileges.
  7. Kindergarten students must be met by a parent/guardian, or an ADULT acting on the parent/guardian's behalf. No Kindergartener will be released to anyone under the age of 12. Prior approval is required from the school site for anyone other than parent/guardian. If no one is available to meet the student, he/she will be returned to the school office. After student is returned 3 times, bus transportation SHALL BE SUSPENDED FOR 3 TO 5 DAYS.